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Castello di Godego, Italy

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Arca was born in Castello di Godego (Treviso) in 1972, where the company's headquarters and production facilities are still located. The company's philosophy accurately reflects the true value of Italian classical furniture. Style inspired by moments of the most important Italian and European history. Ability to design each individual room or home furnishings according to customer's request. Handmade quality finished piece made of real wood using hand joinery and polishing techniques. Thanks to the important elements mentioned above, Arca currently plays a leading role in the market of high quality classic furniture, both in the Italian and international markets, where it is highly valued as an interpreter of classical Italian culture and style. Precious wood and handmade: love for our workArca mainly uses expensive walnut and cherry wood for its furniture, which fully expresses the natural nobility of wood. The production is done according to the best craftsmanship tradition, with very clear features in all interior and exterior elements of each piece of furniture. Polishing is done by hand using the methods and materials of the ancient tradition of classical furniture, using aniline and vegetable clays, shellac, and without toxic colors, pure beeswax. and beauty. From now on, our corporate philosophy begins with concrete references to the historical values ​​of the most important styles of the Italian and European past, bringing great classic elegance in design and proportions.

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